Thursday, February 3, 2011

Easy Explained

I saw this piece on the beyond transition website by Emma Bishop explaining easy in a triathlon programme.
Easy explained by Coaches of Ironman Champions 29 Jan, 2011 - Triathlon Races
by Emma.Bishop

Beyond Transition: EASY EXPLAINED

Swim training on Monday was enjoyable for a change.I didn't feel too tired ...partly because I had done my run training on Sunday and had rested legs.Started of with a 300m warm up comprising 200m free and 50back and 50 breast.i did an extra 100 m free.
The main set was ;
300,200,100,200,300,200,100,and 200 for a total of 1600 with the 200 s with Pull buoy .I managed to keep up and wasn't last because  most of the swimmers were tired from the triathlon yesterday.
I had a fair bit of sunburn on my neck and shoulders so everything was hurting today.

I had a chat with Rosco about my rather slow week and the mental breakdown .He thought it was a good thing to just have a short break and missing a few rides won't make a difference. At least I feel much better for it mentally.
I had a long chat with Rusty Cook (no relation) about Lanzarote and he will be sending over the bike course with commentary. he doesn't think the gradient on the bike course is an issue and the main factor is the wind .It can be pretty hairy .

Tuesday , got up for the bike TT at Nedlands .Did a 20km TT in 34.23 .not sure if it is a PB .There was a bit of wind , sprinklers, some short hills and traffic. But it was all good. happy with my effort .in the evening I rode from Subiaco where I left my car , to Perry lakes for the run session with Brad.

I did an interval session running a warm up and then 400m, 800m and 1000 and then a 100 , 800 and 400 at 2.08 per 400m pace.i went faster and had the same time breaks between each run.Felt really good and enjoyed the really nice track .

Wednesday .the mid-point in the week and usually I begin to flag.With work , less sleep and just plain tired from all the rushing around.I am glad to report it wasn't too bad although I do need to sleep more.I managed to get up at 5.30 although I woke up at 4.30 and went back to bed. Got to the pool at5.50am and Cara had the following swim set:

warm-up: 100m free and 100m medley x 2 = 400m
main set:   600m and 100m PB x 3 =             2100m
cooldown : 50 free and 25m  backstroke x 4= 300m
I did an extra 100m free and that made a total of 2900m

I felt pretty good for the whole main set and kept up at the tail of the main group so that felt especially good. It did get harder towards the end especially as we were building to a fast pace at the end.

In the afternoon I did a slow 50min run in king's Park.

Thursday was a ride and run day. I had a rather long day and finished work at 8pm so had little time for any rest and it was up the next day early and out the door just after 5am.Rode down to nedlands and Ross came up and rode with me along Thomas Road.We were all doing a Brick session... called a Brick session because it is hard.

Rode down to Mosman where we did a run round an oval and then to the Mosmam gold course and ran one of the fairways and then to the base of a hill for a  run up the hill and back before a dash to the top on our bikes. I was last but it was a good session.

I did approximately 63 km on the bike today with the bonus of a few kms of running.

The legs were a little tired. We regrouped and rode back into the city and had coffee at Zekkas

Zekka Cafe @ Kings Street

the Exceed group with Coach Ross at the head of the table