Sunday, February 13, 2011

Easy Weekend

My easy week has come to an end .I skipped Thursdays ride as I as still sore from my Tuesday run and just need ed as much sleep as I could get . But I did do my easy run and swim on Friday.

It was a reasonably cool day.I ran from Fremantle to Cottesloe and back at a leisurely pace (6min per km).

On Friday evening I did my swim session It was pretty quiet . I had a 500m warm up and then did 200m free 50 breast and 50m back and then 100m followed by drills for 400m .Then the main set was 200m medium, 200m fast, 100m easy, 100m medium and 100m fast and then 100 easy and then 50 x2 fast followed by a 100m time trial which I did at 1.44 a new PB .

Saturday , I had an easy ride and started late at 7am .Rode to Fremantle and then round the river to Shelley and then back to the City via Curtin University and home through Bayswater. Did approximately 90km just on water . The wind was gusting but it wasn't too bad overall.

In the afternoon I went down to Northbridge to watch the criterium races. It was short and sharp.I missed the crashes and it was pretty hot by then .

Michael Kent in the lead before his chain came off