Friday, February 4, 2011

A workout ate my Marriage

I recently saw on my facebook a piece posted by one of my Facebook friends ,richard.It was an article on WSJ titled


This was a piece written in the WSJ following from another article by a Triathlon Coach titled Divorce by Triathlon .

Is it really such a rising tide of divorce amongs triathletes.I don't see the evidence and whilst I have had my share of differences and resentment from my wife ,it has been a constant attempt to find a balance.It is hard putting in 15-20 hours a week and then working and then spending time with the family.But those are the choices we make. I try my best to meet all the commitments.It is hard and I sometimes ask my self why I put mmyself through this but there is an inner drive to want to push that envelope of improvement and the enjoyment .Is it selfish? Yes at times it can and is a selfish pursuit in an endurance sport.For many triathletes it isn't . If the relationship is honest and open , then balancing training and spending time together as a family is not hard.

Iam fortunate and lucky.My wife does not love the sport but she tolerates my involvement.I get to travel a few weeks a year to race and still spend holidays with the whole family. I try and work round my schedule and training to spend time with my kids and I have a rest day each week .