Friday, February 18, 2011

The Hard Yards

The build up towards Lanzarote is starting.

This is the first of a month of solid sessions. On Monday I only had my swim session as I did my run on Sunday evening.

 I swam in the evening and did 1.20 with a 3.1km set comprising :

1000m warm up .
100m free 50 back , 100m free , 50 breast and then 400m drills with 50m catchup and 50m free.

Followed by the main set of 300m firm , 100m easy , 300m medium , 100m easy and  200m and 2 x100m fast and a 200m cool down .All up did 3.1km

It was a good session and there was only 3 of us in lane 1 so there was lots of space.It was a hot day so it was nice to be in the water.

Tuesday was the hard session with the 1hour hard at Nedlands. I got into the last group of about 6 of us .Got to the turnaround and  Rob P suggested we just ride at 30sec intervals and we broke away from the rest. maintained that pace till the end of the hour. Did a 1.40 session and felt quite tired but good. I managed to keep up the pace and my computer had an average of 34kph with the ride out to Nedlands.

In the evening it was run training at Perry Lakes. I ran about 9km with a warm up and cool down and 8x 2min at threshold which was a 1.54 per 400m pace or 4.48minute per km. It was about the right pace for me . I was going a little faster but felt comfortable. Then did a further 2 x 1minute at threshold. It was a long day.

I got up in the morning for swim training .It had been more than a week since I did a morning swim session.

I did a 1000m warm up with some drills and then the main set was 1 x 10000m build to firm , 1 x 600m firm and 2 x 200m fast and cool down of 200m .a total of 3.2km .It was a hard session and I managed to keep the pace fairly constant.

Thursday's session started pretty early for me I left home lat at 5.30am and got to Nedlands after 6am .The rest of the group had started their brick run/ride session.I just dived into the session and managed to ride with the group as they finished their first loop.After two loops of about 10km i did my second run and then another loop before heading back to the city. The rest had left a half hour earlier.

In the afternoon I ran 9km and it was pretty warm at least 33-35 C . After work I rode home and the legs were definitely tired. It was a long training day .I had done about 3.5 hrs of training

On Friday it was in the pool at 6am and there was a huge que at the entrance with two groups of swimmers training at 6am. Got in and did the warm up of 500m with my fins and then drills for 300m and another 200 m with 25 underwater and 25 free but I lasted 10 meters at best My capacity to stay underwater is pretty bad. Then did a 100m free and follwoed by the main set of 10 x 100m at maximum under 2min intervals with a 5sec rest. I was in fins so it was  easier. Did the cooldown with 100m kickboard and finished with 2.3km

Legs were ok but I was a little tired after the previous days training.

In the evening I did a slow run from the office thru Kings Park and Subiaco and then back. Did about 7.5km really slow.

Tomorrow is the big ride.