Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mistaken Identity

Following yesterdays race , I discovered the results were different to what had been recorded in my Garmin.I had done a 14 plus swim (in your dreams ) but a slow bike and run to record a 1.28 . I then realised today that I had been given the timing chip for John Cook a triathlet in the 50-54 age group who shared my name bar the ë"at the end . He is obviously a fast swimmer. I got out of the water at 17mins.His time was 14 minutes plus.

My results if trievents change them for the record are :

Swim 00:17:28  Cycle 00:40:03 Run 00:23:32  Overall : 269 Gender : 218 Category : 12

Race time 1.21.05 A PB by 3 minutes

I got a response from tri events today:

"Hi John,

Thank you for your email. Looking into this further are the interesting observations:
1. There is a John Cook 50-54M with Race No 271
2. There is a John Cooke 45-49M with Race No 228
3. Both of these competitors started in the same wave
4. John Cook (271) swam 17:28 (including run up beach onto grass), rode 40:03 (including both transitions) and ran 23:33.
5. Could it be possible that registration accidentally swapped your timing chips around?
6. Both competitors (the bib number and the chip number) show genuine chip reads across all timing systems and palm backup at the finish correlate with the bibs.
What I suspect has happened is you were allocated bib/chip 228 but picked up 271?

Monday 21 February was an easy day with just a swim and I skipped the run .My legs had been through a hard week.
Swim training was a easy 2.3km with a 200m warmup and 100m free with PB , 700m with a 100 free and 200medley  and then 2x 100 fast and 2x 100 firm and cooldown of 200m .

Tuesday .We had a circuit at Nedlands with 5 minute plus going as hard as we could .I got dropped within the first lap as my legs just could not sustain the pace. I rode to run training in the evening and we did a fairly easy session.On the strength of my run on Sunday Iam now up a notch in pace for the run sessions with Brad on Tuesday.

Last week was an awesome week of training.
I did :

Bike : 290km or 10hours
run : 4.55 or 45km
swim : 9km or 3.30

total :18.5 hrs

My longest training week so far .

 This week is another long week again . Those doing IMNZ are tapering and wished Jason Nutman all the best .Real chance of a spot in his age group .

Sadly heard today about the earthquake in Christchurch and the horror of the death and destruction . In such times all else is insignificant and life so very precious.

keep safe.