Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hills & Wind

Discipline your body, Grasshopper, that you may find a greater power. . . . Those who surrender themselves find inner strength...When the heart knows no danger, no danger exists. When the soul becomes the warrior all fear melts as the snowflake that falls upon your hand." - Master Po

"'How does one find the strength within himself?' - Caine

'By being one with all that is without himself.'" - Master Po

From the TV series Kung Fu

Kung Fu - Intro Theme Song

Saturday.Always a hard day at the office. Today was just a tad harder.I did the hills and there was a bit of wind. I can't help thinking of the old TV series Kung Fu which i loved as a child .All those quirky sayings from the Master to his pupil .

I need to master the hills and the wind , then only will I learn to love the hills and treat the wind as my friend. Well it was pretty hard to do today . I will have to summon that inner strength and surrender to my fears .

I am glad despite the initial difficulty getting out of bed at 5am , that i did ride today.I got to experience some real gusty winds at times especially coming down some hills in Mundaring and Welshpool Road. There was little cycling traffic on the way out to Stoneville but in Mundaring i saw quite a few groups and 2 cyclist passed me and I tried to keep up with them on the ride up to Kalamunda.

My legs were pretty sore from the weeks training so I wasn't feeling the best.I just focussed on getting through the 120km ride. I did manage to pick up speed on the flats especially with the tailwind.but on the return trip down the Reid Hwy it was hard work.

I had a reasonably good training week despite the workload and schedule.Friday morning I hauled myself out of bed ...I have not been sleeping enough .Note to myself ...SLEEP MORE.

Got down just before 6am and started the session.It was;

600m warm up
50 free & 50m @ 8beat kick(that hurt) x 4
main set was ;
200m free, 100 medley and 100m fast
200m free , 100m medley and 2 x 50m fast
100 free ,100 medley and 4 x 50
cool down was a 100m fast time trial and 200m cool down
total 2.5km

I was pretty slow but kept with the back group in lane one which was fine .I managed a 1minute 50 sec pace for the 100m and that was at the end of the main set so I was pleased with that.

I had breakfast with Rod and James ,Alastair ,Meredith , Jay and Ross came later.

Then it was off to Dwellingup to see a client and coming back was tiring and I was dozing off at the wheel which was pretty scary . I definitely need to sleep more.

I did my run in the evening for just a 1/2 hour as I was getting stomach pains .

Overall, I have for the week done :

Bike: 8.5hrs or 230km
run: : 5.15 or 54 km
swim: 7.8km or 3 hrs

total: 16.65hrs