Monday, February 14, 2011

End of the easy Week

Sunday is my usual rest day but I do try and swim with my friends at Cottesloe .I had not been swimming with them for a few weeks and so it was nice to get out again.

It was a great Perth summer's day. The temperature was in the low 20s and it it did get up to 27C today.

Got down to Tony's place at 6.50 and we then went to Cott. We had decided to swim without wetsuits and because of the large number of jellyfish around we ran to the end of the beach approximately 2.2 km and swam back.When we got into the water I was immediately in the middle of the stingers and got quite a few stingers .Thankfully there were no other large groups of stingers. Swam back comfortably and I was the 2nd  swimmer back after Keith. Felt good and managed to focus on my stroke. Keith was several minutes ahead though.

The swim and run took us about an hour.

In the evening I did my Monday run of 1.15 with 2 x 10minutes at threshold. it was nice and hot and managed a 1.11 run and just under 13km altogether.It was a bit slower but I tried to keep the HR down.
Ran the thresholds at above 150 HR.

Finally , a short piece on mental preparation for any sport: that I read recently:

The Five Tools of Mental Strength, A.K.A. Balls

by Matt "Kroc" Kroczaleski – 2/09/2011
Mental strength