Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Hard Ride

Saturday 19 February ,like any other Saturday presently is my long ride day. I spend each Friday evening trying to work out where  I am going to ride.

The day before , training is lighter .I had my swim in the morning .my legs were heavy from the previous day and I did most of the session in fins and a light easy run in the evening.  I did get back pretty late and had to get my food and drink ready for the early start.

It wasn't too early a start as I eventually left the house at 6am .Made my way down to Subiaco and I wanted to join the CRT ride but there was no one familiar there so I pushed off on my own. At Cottesloe I got overtaken by Riderchoice riders and just stayed with them .Managed to do my efforts of 2 x 20km with them for the most part.

At Mount Henry Bridge I left them and headed for the freeway cycle path to Roe Highway.I then headed to Whelshpool Road for the hills .

WhelshpoolRoad heading to Kalamunda
Picture from Main Roads WA

It was hot and a little windy .I struggled up Welshpool Road with the fatigue in my legs setting in after the hard week. I got to the BP Station and had a coke and bottle of water .The continues to the end of the road and rode to Kalamunda.I then rode towards Mundaring and  had the downhill and climbs along Mundaring Weir road to contend . Mundaring Weir Dam

It was hot and I went thru 5 to 6 bidons .At Mundaring I had a pit stop at Dome cafe and had a Lemon slushy .

Food intake was:

gatorade  50 g carbohydrate
dates  25 g carbohydrates
coke 25g
slushy 25g
gels 120g

total  245g
water approx 4.5l

I probably did not have enough but it was just hard to eat much in the heat so I will have to keep trying.

The road from Kalamunda to Home is a familiar one as I use to ride thru on Sunday with Tim in 2008 and 2009 .From Mundaring it was a quick road to Darlington and Helena Valley and then onto Guildford.I got home after a quick stop at my Parents place at about 11.45am it was a slow 147 km over 5.5 hours.

The legs were not feeling too bad. just tired.I skipped my short run as I am racing tomorrow. That should be fun .


Run: 4.20 or approx 40km
Bike: 10.5 hrs or approx 175km
swim : 3.15 hrs  or 8.2km

Total: 17.5 hrs