Thursday, February 10, 2011


It has been pretty warm lately and this week has been an easy week.I did an easy run on Monday for 50 minutes at lunch time and then swam in the evening on my own.Just did a 400m warm up and 3 x 600m sets and a 100 cool down for a total of 2.3km

On Tuesday it was riding in Nedlands.It was a 15 min at threshold x 2 and the rest was cruising i did approximately 1.45 of riding and I was feeling a little sore at the end and still recovering from my Saturday ride. In the evening it was run training with Brad .Something different.we ran to Reabold Hill and then did 6 x 1min at Maximum threshold pace we could hold .It was hard going by number 3. the group then ran back and did a 10minute at threshold pace round the Perry Lakes Stadium. My pace was 5.19 but i was doing a sub5 minute pace comfortably .

I was feeling pretty sore the next day so I did my swim session in the evening and I ran before the swim for just under was a slow 6.20pace but it was pretty hot at 5pm.

The swim session was OK .I did a 400 warm up and 300 drills and then did 200medium, 50m fast x 5 followed by a 200m cool down and then 100free, 25kick hard ,25m kick easy x 2 .Did 2.4km .Legs were really sore.

Thursday was suppose to be a ride round the river but I gave it a miss.I was just too sore .

I found this interesting piece on Joe Friel's blog on Pacing.Well worth a read :

"Here I go again. Yet another post on pacing


Pacing by Joe Friel "

And Joe Friels take on endurance training and relationships:
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