Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lazy Week

Starting tomorrow or the next day I shall no longer procrastinate.
Chuckie V

The week started out promising enough but after Wednesday I rapidly fell into a bit of a hole as far as motivation.I skipped my ride on Thursday and swimming and my long ride . It was hot and I just did not have any motivation to do much.I ran on Friday and did a longish run on Sunday from home to the City to watch the City of Perth Triathlon. It was 1.20 and I estimate about 14 to 15km .

It was really hot and there were a few DNFs as well as one open athlete was taken to the hospital suffering from heatstroke I presume.

I did another slower run in the evening of about 9 km in 53 minutes . Legs were not sore and by the end of the run the sun was gone and there were clouds rolling in but the much anticipate cyclone Bianca had fizzled out ...thankfully.

I feel much better and looking forward to the week ahead to get more positive and trying to get my pace on the bike and run up.