Saturday, September 1, 2012

Slowly Rebuilding

My training weeks don't start well . I slept in on Monday with really tired legs after the workout on the weekend. I missed my swim session but did my evening run .It was 9km at an easy pace.just a touch quicker than last week but I felt good.

It was a good evening run along the Swan river. I then met up with a friend from Singapore and his wife for dinner and so got home rather late. It was back to setting up for tomorrow's ride and run. Unfortunately , it rained in the morning and I slept in. Still have an ongoing fear of riding in the wet  and getting sick. In the evening it was run training with 2km warm-up and then did 6 x 1km at threshold pace Ran with the exceed group and so I had someone I could pace off. The first run was done at 4.35 pace and I slowed down to 4.49 and 4.50 pace and managed to keep that steady . It was a slow 2 plus km  cool down after the session.

Wednesday , I got to the pool and did a reasonable session. It was a warm up of 600m with some drills and then 16 x 100 m at various paces. Then just did a cool down of 200m although the last 100 of the 16 was really slow. All up did about 2.4km

In the evening it was a wind trainer session whilst watching 2 episodes of the Good Wife season 1 .Riveting Stuff. Had a 10 minute warm up and then 5 x 10minutes at slow and big chain ring with 3 minutes recovery followed by 10 minutes cool down.Total time was just over 1.20.

I had to get up early on Thursday and it was hard after the session the night before , the legs were stiff .Got to Nedlands and did a loop round the River with Exceed. I managed to stay with the slower group and we got passed by the faster group as they took a longer ride and caught us at Canning Hwy.

Got back to Perth after doing 4 x 10 minute efforts along the way. It was a great morning and a good ride.

In the evening I had my 15km run easy with hills.I again ran round Kings Park but ran to the university and came back through the Park with  its undulating paths.There were a few people about but it was not as busy as last week . The view of the City was great as I finished my run and did the last 2km.

Friday morning I was too tired to get to swim training and I had a Physio appointment for my shoulder.It was a n interesting assessment and I had a scan showing the hot spots where there is higher nerve activity on my right side to compensate for my left weakness. I had some manipulation and whilst the shoulder was sore I had more mobility. Hopefully something will fix the shoulder and arm soon.Swim session was good , still had a sore shoulder but managed to finish the session.Did 2.4km with a 400m warm up and 300 m kick board and then 2 x 200m at threshold , 400m medium ,200m at threshold and finishing with a 100m cool down. Anita filling in for Ross was actually very encouraging and I felt a lot more comfortable in the water although still breathing to the left only rather than bilateral breathing because of the weak left arm.