Sunday, September 9, 2012


Despite the rest day on Friday , unintentional as I was at work till late, I was still tired as I set off with Bryce for the Hills. It was a 5 hour ride and I wasn't looking forward to it. There was a stiff headwind at the start and I was just tired.Bryce was strong and pulled ahead at each hill climb ,patiently waiting for me to catch up. We rode up to Kalamunda , our usual Mundaring Weir Road route before heading for the Pickering Brook loop and doing the climb into Kalamunda Town again. As we came into Mundaring weir Road for the second climb a group of 4 cyclist passed me and headed up the road  , passing Bryce on the climb. it shows how slow I was .

We met Mez and Johnny at the top and had a brief chat before they headed down Welshpool Road and we rode down Kalamunda Road and back home via Reid Highway.It was 113km .I ran for 45 minutes off the bike.It was a slow , a very slow run doing 7km only.

It was down to Metrio for Brunch and Rods Epic feat of 200plus km and hour run before noon.

Then off to swim for an hour.

I did a 400m warm up with PB and the main set was 100m threshold, 200m medium , 300m threshold , 400m medium/easy , 500m medium , 400m threshold , 200m easy and 100m threshold and 100m cool down ,A total of 2-6km .

I was thinking of doing my Tuesday session  on Sunday but decided my body needed the rest more.

For the week:
Run; 36km or 3.35 ( I missed a session)
Swim; 3 hrs or 7.6 km
bike: 7.40 hrs or 190km ( I missed 1 session)
total: 14.15 hrs.