Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Perfect triathlete

REM Shiny Happy People ...Triathlete

We should strive to be as good as we can. That is the to be the perfect boss , worker , triathlete...The Sydney Morning Herald did an article in their business section on the top ten traits of the Perfect Boss by Sylvia Pennington 

The Perfect boss

I wondered what would be the top Eight traits of the Perfect triathlete.

Here is my take although it really comes down to perspective. A coach would say someone who listened and followed my instructions and did not chop and change the programme.

A fellow triathlete would say someone who stuck to the plan and executed every instruction to his fullest capacity.

A wife would say someone who wasn't out all hours of the day .

Here are my top eight traits I wish I had  :

1. Having a Plan ?
Understanding the purpose and having a master Plan for the year with a major A event and a few B events and revisiting that Plan.

2. Where are we going and are we there yet?
Setting goals and measuring them as best as one can.

3. Getting a Coach:
Knowing what and when to have support is critical. That is what a coach is there for to guide and take some of the thinking and planning and silliness out of the journey.keeping to the plan is the next hardest thing. We have to have complete faith in the Coach. It is hard especially as we sponge up so much information and not everything is right or will work especially for the busy working Triathlete.

4. And being able to do the Plan…
Being able to put into practice what is on paper is hard.i am still struggling with translating it into action . I have no instinct for just knowing internally what my body is doing and what is my pace.All crucial internal mechanisms that definitely sets the perfect triathlete apart. These guys don't bonk and don't fall apart in the race.

5. Shiny happy people / a positive mental attitude:
Getting things done is easier if you love what you are doing and you enjoy the challenge .When it all gets too hard , its just time to have a break and freshen up. I have felt like this for parts of the year .it happens to everyone and its how we pull through that makes the difference.

6. Steady and Consistent training:
Whilst there is pressure at home and at work and just not enough hours in the day , keeping focus on the core training always trumps start /stop and inconsistent training. I have fallen down badly in this area with just getting sick and not having or being in the right frame of mind.

7. Learning to Relax and Sleep:
Another Achilles heal for the average Triathlete. I do not sleep or rest enough. Particularly as we get older .
"Without proper recovery, training is only going to put an athlete into a hole that he or she will eventually find near impossible to climb out of," says Fisher. Hunter Kemper, a two-time Olympian, six-time U.S. elite national champion and the number-one ITU-ranked triathlete in the world in 2005 and 2006, learned the importance of recovery the hard way. 7 Habits of the highly effective Triathlete. (Active.com)

8.Be Humble and Thankful
Not really going to get you  a record breaking Kona spot but if you believe in Karma , then enjoy the ability to swim , bike and run and be thankful we are all out there able to enjoy the abilities and strengths we have and the environment around us. I have stood at the ocean edge , nervous but so in awe that I can do and enjoy that nervous moment for it makes me feel so much alive and part of that moment. as is going downhill with the adrenaline rush and running and crossing that finish line.