Sunday, September 30, 2012

October 13

As October rolls by , it inevitably means many things , the last quarter of the year. Spring is truly ensconced in the Southern Hemisphere although we are not quite sure in Perth yet. It has been a mixed bag of weather. But for triathletes it also means  Kona and the Big Dance in the Hawaiian Islands .

The pros are mostly there and training .The Perth Triathletes are slowly leaving with in Kona already.

I haven't been to Ironman Kona and as the website address reveals it is on my Bucket list if the body doesn't fall apart and i get my Lottery Ticket .

Having said that it is a dream and fantasy which I rather enjoy from a distance . It possibly will be spoilt as the reality may not measure up to the dream . I enjoy the glossy texture of reading and seeing the race from a far with sound and music dubbed into the excruciating pain and stress that builds for each person racing.

It is a perspective that is so different to actually racing . To those who  I know will be racing Kona they will savour the moment . I enjoy the Facebook entries from the pros  and the pictures .It is enjoyable to live vicariously those who have live the dream ....especially now with the spirit not quite overflowing with enthusiasm.

I came across a different perspective , that of the parent following their pro son Luke.( Peter and Vicki Mckenzie's travel Blog )  It made for a change of the usual blog entries. Great pictures and I enjoyed watching Kona from a different perspective. A non triathlete. It looks like a great place that becomes a busy "look at me " Triathlete Mecca in October. I hope I don't become that person if I ever get that far .It is hard as those gathering at Kona will be the best of the best in the sport. They have every right to strut along Ali'i Drive . I will enjoy the spectacle from a far . Since 2007 Hawaii and in particular Kona has taken a whole different meaning for me from the days when I holidayed in Waikiki with my wife . As the late Israel "IZ " Kamakawiwole'le , a great son of Hawaii ,sings Somewhere over the Rainbow ...And the dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true.