Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pear Shaped

Cottesloe Calm complete with Girl meditating 

Pear Shaped
The third meaning is mostly limited to the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australasia. It describes a situation that went awry, perhaps horribly wrong. ... The origin for this use of the term is in dispute. The OED cites its origin as within the Royal Air Force; as of 2003 the earliest citation there is a quote in the 1983 book Air War South Atlantic.[1] Others date it to the RAF in the 1940s, from pilots attempting to perform aerial manoeuvres such as loops. These are difficult to form perfectly, and are usually noticeably distorted—i.e., pear-shaped.

Not quite but the week didn't go as planned with work and the wet weather.

Monday I did my long run in two legs .A run at lunch time on the treadmill with a 30minute session at marathon pace or slightly faster and in the evening a 55 minute session with another 30 min block at marathon pace.All up a total of nearly 18 kms . The next day I missed the morning ride and did my evening run session on my own , which was a 3km warm up and 10 x 1km at threshold and then a cool down of over 2km , a  total of 15.5km

Wednesday , I missed swimming and did my wind trainer session at Kings Park riding round the park and doing hill repeats in the rain. On Thursday it was a busy work day and I was just tired . Friday I did manage a short 30 minute run and a swim . The arm is feeling better .

Saturday I did not feel too good and decided I would skip the long ride . I did manage to get to Yoga and that helped.

Royal Show 2012
On Sunday , went down to Cottesloe for the first swim since Busselton in the Ocean. It was nice and calm but very murky .could not help wondering what was lurking around especially with the number of GWS sightings along our coast. swan to the Blue duck cafe and back with Les. I struggled at the start as it was cold but felt a lot better coming back.The left arm is weak but I managed to hold the stroke. On the way back , saw the rescue helicopter hovering near  the front of the Tea House and wondered if it had spotted a shark ? Obviously not . It turned out to be a beautiful warm day today as I headed for the Royal Show with Jonathan after coffee at Daisies Cafe and the swim.