Saturday, September 8, 2012

Para- Olympics..

Pictures from CNN.COM

I have touched on the subject of motivation and inspiration from time to time , particularly when I felt it really hard to get motivated .

The Olympics was inspiring and the para Olympics even more so. When you see armless swimmers swim faster than able bodied swimmers , wheelchair basketball , blind hand ball , there is little if no excuse I can find for my lack of motivation .

But , and there is always one. Whilst I am inspired and motivated , I acknowledge the many with a disability who strive for the equality that these  Para-Olympians  have shown the world  they are capable of.

Brazillian Hobbles to 100m finish

Driven to destiny

Blind Paralympic sports silence spirited London crowds

That is why the Olympians are the best from their countries. What is hard to understand and bottle is the drive to overcome. If that trait could be harnessed and directed and inculcated , then the human race would be a force to reckon with. That is the inspiration of watching the para-Olympians , they show the world that it isn't what we see , it isn't their disability that makes them any more or less ,it is their ability to harness what they have and their energy to focus on one goal.

But aside from the para Olympics , there are many with a disability who in their quiet ways live their lives and have victories a long the way . That is the inspiration we do not see.Their will to keep fighting against many odds with the support of family and carers who provide much with so little .

What I do is a sport and sometimes fun. What the many with a disability do is live their life as best they can. Making it a World of equal opportunity and respect for those with a disability is the least we can do .