Saturday, September 1, 2012

The First Win

Triathletes compete in the biking portion of the Ironman competition. Aug. 26, 2012
Bree Wee of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, celebrates her victory in the women's division of the Ironman Louisville competition on Sunday. / Maggie Huber/Special to The Courier-Journal
At last weeks Ironman Louisville , Bree Wee won her first Ironman as a Pro. She had already won the 25-29 age group category in her inaugural Ironman Hawaii race and broke Kate Major's 2002 record as  fastest amateur female.

I was at Ironman Japan 2008 when she came in 2nd . Since then it has been tough I assume but I regularly visit her website and read about her seems like it was more fun than training  but I am sure with her times she was putting in the hours. The sport is a hard taskmaster and very unforgiving and for the pros I am full of admiration as they put in a huge effort for very little gain. It is more love of the sport than financial security.

This past week Bree who was 2nd in japan in 2008 won her first IM race .

Bree Wee Claims first IM Victory

Bree Ironman-louisville-race-reflection

Her blog and her enthusiasm is inspiring and what makes this sport unique. It was a great victory and one that is well deserved. I hope she has many more .