Saturday, September 8, 2012

Spring Training

Wet Weather in Perth from
Monday Morning is always a tough start but I just fell asleep instantly on Sunday night and got up at 3.30 am but managed to dose off for another hour and a half before getting up for swimming. Made it and the water was quite nice.

I did a 600m warm up with some medleys and then 300m drills and then the main set was 200m easy , 100mfast ,100m easy ,100m fast , 50m easy and 50m fast x 2 plus 200m but we did an extra 100m and then a 200m cool down .A total of 2.5km.

Had a physio session in the afternoon at 4pm and when I got home it was bucketing down so no run this evening.

Tuesday was supposed to be a 90 minute hard session. It was raining and howling and despite the 14 brave souls who faced the conditions , I didn't. I am afraid I don't have the stomach for braving the elements.Truth is , I can't afford another fall on my already compromised shoulder.

I will have a make up session as the weather is expected to be better on the weekend.I did do my run session in the new gym attached to my  new office building .I was by myself and it was a good hard session. Ran 11km with 12 x 500m at  mainly threshold and just above threshold session.

Wednesday ,I was at the pool early enough.Did a 400m warm up with PB and 400m drills with the PB and then  the main set was  100m threshold , 200m medley , 400m threshold , 500m medium/threshold , 400m threshold , 100m threshold and a 100m cool down .a total of 2.6km.

Thursday , I was up early and parked at  my new offices before riding to Nedlands for a Brick session.A big turnout  of Exceed triathletes and we did a 5km loop with a 1km run , four times.I was last to finish with a few stopping after 3  turns. The first ride/run was horrendous , I was gagging and wheezing a fair bit in the cold morning air but felt a lot better in the next ride/bike . We all rode back to the city and I got lost as we were at a new cafe on Queens Street.James happened to be heading to the cafe after the ride and so I found the place.

Venn cafe
in the evening it was an easy 1.5hr run which was approximately 14 km. it was a little hard with the legs feeling a little tired after the morning brick session.

Friday was suppose to be a swim session but I slept in and then went for Physio .

Saturday is a long training day.