Saturday, September 22, 2012

Can't Stand the Rain

Dedicated to my wife for her perceptive response when I said I can't stand the rain ....Then why did you go out.

Why indeed. No I can stand the rain especially after this week with 3 out of the 4 rides in the wet. I am getting use to the wet weather.My car has taken on a new smell and everything feels damp and alive with some organism , which is scary. The bike needs a good clean as well.

I woke up at 3.30am with the sound of light rain thinking this is not good .I may need to do an indoor wind trainer session. Anyway 2 hours later I was out the door and there was a light drizzle and a stiff breeze. Met up with Bryce and the first thing I said  ," it doesn't look good , I am thinking of just doing a wind trainer session." He said it's up to me but the rain isn't going to last. I didn't want to look like a wimp even though I was one. So off we went in the light drizzle and pretty breezy conditions.It was the first time we had a tailwind for the start of the ride at parts. We met up with Andy , another Exceed member and rode for the Hills.

First big hill and my chain comes off so I am struggling to catch up and it happens again with the monster hill near Helena Junior School on Ryecroft Road. I eventually get to the top and Bryce and Andy are waiting and we then head down to Glen Forrest and follow the road to Mundaring.

There weren't too many cyclist on the road but it was a very overcast and dull day. We got to Kalamunda and I managed to get a coke to fill the empty bidon and then we did the Pickering brook loop. Andy again took off once we got to the hills and it is a 25km loop. The second climb up Mundaring  Weir Road to Kalamunda was a bugger. from there it was down Kalamunda Road .I got up to 68kph and it was a fast ride back .I managed 113 km . The legs were not too bad . I ran off the bike for 36 minutes easy doing just over 6km .

Aside from the swimming which i haven't been doing to give my shoulder time to recover , it has been a full week.