Thursday, October 4, 2012


The counter point to pressure is weightlessness , a complete freedom , ease ,  What a joy .

Each day I am under work and the general pressure of life. It is no greater or less than my friends in their jobs or in their daily lives. How we cope with it is the decisive question. Extremes of either end is never good. We need some stress in our lives and we need some peace . Getting  the balance right is the hard task . I envy some of the lifestyles of my friends and yet I chose to take on the life I have and the responsibility and the task. With it I learn to live with that pressure and learn to cope.

It is interesting how everyone deals with pressure and how over time we learn or can learn to adapt. I read a recent piece on triathlete magazine website on Crowie. In 2002 he was as the article describes:

 In one of Alexander’s first races for the team, Escape from Alcatraz, Vatterott watched uneasily as his new athlete was tagged early on with a drafting penalty.
“He refused to pull over for the official,” Vatterott says, describing how Alexander road-raged all the way into T2. “He was like a rabid dog.”
An image of Alexander unraveling into a tantrum doesn’t square with today’s image of the obsessively methodical and supremely consistent champion we have come to know over the past six years.
The Game Face of Crowie

He has certainly come far and has learnt to have that inner control and direct that energy in a positive way .

The difference between real life and racing is that unless you are a professional Triathlete  , all that occurs is you just don't fulfill your true potential. It doesn't happen at every race but there is always the next race and we move on . With life the ripples go further and there is really only one race , one life.