Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Working Week

During the Wind Trainer session

I had a slow start .But first a recap of my Second week back at training. For week 2 i have completed:

Run: 32 Km or approx 3 hours
Bike: 6 hours or  approx 200kms
Swim: 2 hrs or 5.4 kms
Core / Yoga : 2 hrs

Total : 13 hours.

with a Sunday rest day.

This week startered with a wimper as I had a sore hip and slept in for monday morning swim, but i plan to make it up later in the week .

In the evening I did a 12 plus km run at comfy pace which was still uncomfortable. It was warm but not sizzling . not a lot of runners about in Kings Park so it was rather quiet.

Tuesday was the ride starting from hillary's . I drove there and we then rode down to Rebold hill and did 3 hill repeats up reabold Hill and then back to Hillary's where we did some more hill repeats and rode a further 12 kms to make it just over 50 km for the morning.

In the evening it was hot and for run training , I did a 2 plus km warm up, a build of 10x 100m and then the main set was 10 minutes at threshold with a 2 minute active recovery x 3 . Ran just over 10km .

On Wednesday , I was sore but got down for the swim session and we did :
Warm -up 300m free
Main set : 600m x3 .5 ( did not quite get to 4 )
Cooldown : 2 x 25m fre , back , breast and free .
total : 2.6km

The afternoon I was tied up in meetings and so did not do any core work.

Thursday 23 february . It was the Brick session in the morning with 15 mins on the bike and 10 on the run x 3. About 10 of us were out on the City beach course and I felt a lot better than last week. My running was a lot smoother and I was managing just over 5 minute pace . I managed about 26 km on the bike and 6 km on the run.

In the evening it was the usual windtrainer session . Again I mamanged to hold the tempo pace better than last week. It is still a hard session to back up from the morning brick.

Just Before the Thursday Night Wind Trainer session

Friday Morning: it was back to the pool .I was feeling tired but managed to get myself down to the pool. It was a 300 m warmup with PB , then fins and freestyle for another 200m and drills for 600m The main set was 10 x 100m at various paces and then 6-8  x 50m .We did 8  and then a 200m medley cooldown. Total 2.6km.

Saturday 25 February 2012: We had a 80km ride and 8km off the bike .However brad wanted us to start the measure for 80 km from MT Henry bridge which was about 7 km from where we started. We went out as a group and once we got pass the 2 detours on the cycle path down the Freeway , the faster riders took off. I rode by myself most of the time , doing my 3 efforts of 10m each .

The ride back was even quicker . I did lose some of my food bouncing out of my bento box but it was towards the end of the ride and I also got a puncture which slowed me down getting back.Overall , pleased with the ride and the pace.

We then did 8 x 1km runs at maximum effort or 15-20 seconds faster then out usual runs off the bike. I managed to take about 25 seconds off but I was just smashed at the end of it and had my asthmatic cough as well.

In the afternoon it was 1.5hrs of yoga which was hard on the already tired body but also helped loosen up the tight muscles.

The week In summary:

Run: 3.30 hrs or approx 39km
Bike: 5 Hrs or 203.5kms
Swim: 2 hrs or 5.2km
Core: 1.5 hrs
(with a swim and  some core work tomorrow ) It will bring the total to approximately 14 hours