Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hard Thursday and the rest

With a restful  Wednesday , I hit Thursday with a really early ride/run session at City beach , work and a wind trainer session in the evening.

There wasn't too many people around at 5am as I started my 10 min bike and 10 min run x 4 . There was a haze hanging over Perth and after the first run , my asthma was getting worse. I was coughing a bit but just had to get through the session. The bike /run sessions are always hard .At the end I was pretty much done and coughed up a lung.

had coffee at Zekka where the Exceed  group ended up for coffee as well . In the evening it was the wind trainer session at Osborne park.

It wasn't as hot but we all sweated a bucket anyway. I had a speedo so I could at least gauge the efforts. We had 3 x 5minute sessions at maximum sustainable pace and 20 minutes at Tempo.With the warm up I managed 80 minutes and 38 kms .

It is a late finish on Thursday.Despite the hard session my legs weren't too bad. I did sleep soundly though.

Friday was just a swim .It was fortunately not too hard a session as well.I had a 300m warm up with swimming water polo style for 50m and 50m free x 2.The main set was 9x 200m and then a cool down of 200m to make it 2.5km

Saturday we did a ride out to Two Rocks. I hung on as long as i could but the first incline and i was  not able to keep up. I managed to stay with one other rider for about 20kms when I hit a rock on the roadway.had the wobbles and nearly came off my bike .That was scary.Dropped one  bidon and another containing my tubes and the cover came off . I wasn't able to catch up with the guys again .I turned around at 43km and headed back .There was a bit of wind about but it wasn't too bad.

I had 2 gels and Gatorade and that seemed to be sufficient. It wasn't hot either which helped.

Week 2 is over and I have managed to do all the sessions. still slow and carrying the weight but feeling a lot better than 2 weeks ago.

Reading one of the blogs I frequent from time to time I came across a short note titled 18 ways to inspire Everyone around you..
Some thoughts were:
1.Be authentic and true to yourself. –
2.Stick with what you love. –
3.Express your enthusiasm. –
4.Excel at what you do. – etc.
18 ways to inspire everyone around you

Another interesting post and very apt in respect to training for a 70.3 race is Chuckie V's article on Suffering.Do we need to suffer and teaching oneself to suffer.Suffering through training is a choice whereas suffering from illness or some other issue isn't. He states:
At one point Fitzgerald writes, "The capacity to tolerate suffering is trainable," to which I kind of concur. But then, just a page or two later he writes, "I laughed out loud sometimes when I compared my training plans to the training I actually did.

My contention here, of course, is that if the capacity to suffer is trainable, why didn't he just train himself to suffer through the plan he had come up with? Why the setbacks?

I think it's because he feels a necessary part of training is teaching ourselves to suffer. And this I'm not so certain of.
Naturally, the mind sets the goals in motion (and decides how much "suffering" it can handle) but it's the body (and all its capacities) that allows us (or not) to achieve our goals, both daily and over the long haul. (Today's capacities may not allow for tomorrow's goals; ergo, today's goals--and perhaps tomorrow's plans--should be crafted so that they may.)

There lies the difficult balance of training the body to improve whilst not tipping over into the over trained or injury volatile training dimension.