Monday, February 6, 2012

Training Lessons

Some useful advice just as I commenced my Training programme for the Busselton Ironman 70.3.

I found this short and succinct article on firstoffthebike titled training lessons.

It is mainly commonsense stuff but a timely reminder.

In summary and much repeated advice :
  1. Consistency trumps all
  2. Set goals
  3. There is no easy way
  4. Make rules and deals with yourself
  5. Don’t think, just do
  6. Don’t travel to training for longer than you’ll be training for
  7. Don't judge other people's training

 In addition I am back  doing core work as part of the programme and I plan to mix up the core work with just general  strength work .

This piece on the Livestrong website was useful:

The 20 Best Fitness Tips of All Time

Read more:

The link to the article: 20 best fitness Tips