Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Week In Training

Thursday 9 February

This is one of the harder days along with Tuesday on the programme. I was up at 4.30am and down at City beach just after 5am.

Got my bike and gear ready .It was a Bike /run session of  1 hour. A bike for 10 minutes and run for 10 minutes x 3 . Sounds easy and I had a similar programme on Thursday last year but getting back into it was hard. just the extra weight I  am carrying made it hard.

I had my Garmin but it was not set up to multi sport function so the whole session was just timed as a bike ride.

I did manage the run sections at just under 5minute pace which is a start to build on. The ride is still weak.

In the evening I had my first wind trainer session in several months. It was a hot 35C day in Perth and at 6.30 in a Factory in Osborne Park in did not feel that much cooler.I had 2 bidons of water and after the session another 2 bidons . It was hot and sweaty.

A tough but good work out especially when everyone is there and you just can't slack off. My legs were jelly . Brad had his choice of music but when I was that light headed it did not matter , I was just counting down the minutes.

Friday 10 February

I had a swim session and a rest in the evening. Swim was a 1000m warm up easy and 400 m of 25 fist 25 free . The main set was then 10 x 100m at various pace and 50m x 6 and a 100 m cool down .A total session of 2.8km .

Saturday 11 February
First longish ride with a run of the bike.It was suppose to be 70km with a 6km run off the bike.I was up and out of the Door before five in the morning and headed to the meeting area.I just got the wrong spot .I waited at Point Walter before calling Brad at 10 to six and being told it was Deepwater point.I parked at the Raffles and rode as quickly to the freeway Cycle path as they were off already.i managed to meet up with them at Murdoch . Once we had got clear of the construction area we started 5 minutes of above threshold workouts with 5 minutes recovery building to a maximum effort for the last 5 minutes session. It was then a tempo ride all the way back. I struggled after the 70km mark.Either my fitness level was still not up to the mark or the lack of nutrition was a factor. I had a bidon of Gatorade and 3 Power sweets . I had another bidon of water but really suffered as I felt pretty light headed when I got back and the legs were hurting.

The wind wasn't so bad and it was a good first ride. I managed to keep my HR at a pretty steady level  and probably at about 75% MHR.

The afternoon was spent at YOGA which definitely helped the tight muscles everywhere.

The first week of training is done and 12 to go.