Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 1 Ironman 70.3 Training

Capucino from Metriole after swim training ...Pic by Meredith. with her phone camera

Monday morning was a swim session at Terry Tyzacks pool .i got there early and so started swimming 15 minutes earlier. It was cold , a change from the hot weather of the past 2 weeks.

The session comprised :
Sloe easy warm up of 200m with PB, 300m easy FS and then a further 200m FS .

The session was drills with
50m zipper , 50m free , 50m finger drag , 50m free x 2
100m free and 100m medley x 1

Main set:
400m easy to fast
200m medley
100 fast
with the 400m and 300m again

cool down 100m easy

total; 3km

In the evening , I ran 9km at a comfy pace which meant running at a pace which i felt comfortable at and could run at indefinitely. It was about a 6.30 minutes per km pace. it was nice and warm but at that pace I was able to run the 5-8 kms I had to do on the first day without much difficulty.

On Tuesday , I was up at 4.30 am and out the door by a quarter to 5 .First day of group training out at Hillaries on the coast .it was a warm up ride of about 14-15km and then 6 hill repeats on a short sharp climb of 400m on 5-6% gradient .I was riding my first bike an Al raceline pave bike with tribars as the requirement was to do the ride on a road bike and that is my only road bike .It was hard and getting the gearing right was a trial and error activity.i dropped my back light and so on the way back from the warm up loop i picked it up and got dropped from the main group and the fast guys lapped me on the hill repeats.but i had to ride to my capability.

It was windy and I felt the extra weight i was  lugging up the hill. That will be the routine for the next few weeks.

In the evening it was run training and it was hot .we did a warm up and then a 3km time trial .i ran a 14.19 which was 1.26 slower than last year in August. again lack of fitness and weight were decisive but I now have a base  to run from.

It is quite a large squad and as I said it helps to have to be somewhere at a fixed time .It motivates me to turn up and train and try my best.

Back to the pool. There was9 of us in lane 1 . i started a few minutes earlier and did 600m warm up with a pull Buoy and paddles .Then a kick board  for 100m and 100m Free style (FS) .The main set comprised  400m at threshold pace , 300m medium , 200m medium , 400m medium ,300m threshold , 200m medium and a cool down I did a kick board 100m and 100m FS.

Total was 2.8km .

Had breakfast at Metriole which i think is better than the other cafe . They make beautiful coffees with nice designs on the top.

In the evening was a rest period .But I will need to do some core work on Friday and again Yoga on Saturday.