Saturday, February 4, 2012


The last week of a very ambulatory training sessions and a lack of direction.
I have hardly done any training to speak other than swim and a run again. Work , a lack of focus and more importantly a Plan. Nothing to panic about. It is 13 weeks to the Half.Enough time to get into gear.

Like all the ills in the World there are many lessons to be drawn from many levels in the World.

At Family , village , country and regional levels ,from the perspective of an office or company and from the eye level of a human being in each corner of the world , there are complex and even insoluble problems at first sight but there are fundamental truths and basis for all difficulties.

Get the fundamentals right and it is a start.Have a plan and have a goal. , break down the problem, and most importantly be in the right mental frame. Simply put there has to be a desire.

Most humankind greatest achievements are from individuals not necessarily with the greatest intellect, that helps but the greatest desire.

I listened to a conversation between  Thomas Friedman , an author and New York Times columnist with Orville Schell at the Asia Society ( Video of discussion) Aside form the rather significant topic of the emergence of China and the perceived decline of America, there are many lessons to be learnt.

My Take:
  1. Fundamentally without a yearning and a desire , there is no drive .
  2. Get the fundamentals right 
  3. Learn and be educated
Bigger problems need a collective desire and unified drive and Country goals and great Leadership. China is a case in point , not for the communism but the unleashing of this yearning in the Human spirit pent up for a century.China is capitalism cloaked in authoritarian rule. With all the benefit of Capitalist free market play.

The 3 simple ideas cover huge aspects of life. Take the simple line "where there is a will , there is a way" .It is simplistic but surely if there was a united view to the US deficit , unemployment , the Palestine problem/solution , the Middle east , the rise of fundamentalism , and so on then surely these insoluble issues will be resolved. But clearly in a dynamic planet of several billion people and many countries , there is no will and no united view.

Will isn't sufficient alone , there must be knowledge and the fundamentals , the petri dish with the right culture to nurture and develop. Be it a single individual , a single task or a whole economy.

With so called development of society comes a descent into a vagueness about desire , goals , fundamental values ,and skills and ultimately a lost of the edge and strengths or success. Being a caveman had its disadvantages but there was one goal, survive. To do so , learning to hunt , finding shelter and reproducing.Very fundamental and probably built in desires in early man.

At the person level , I am learning that renewing the desire to train and compete is just as critical as getting back to basics and building the fundamentals properly. All not easy ideals . to bounce back from a difficult race , a balancing act of work , family and training is the conundrum I will confront for the next 13 weeks as many others do. some more successfully .

I start the journey again with a programme from brad .There was a introduction on Tuesday night . A large group of fellow triathletes . For me it is the challenge to improve and the issue is whether there is enough desire to pull it through I am hoping with a the collective force of coach , training group and the rekindling of the desire from the environment, I will get the fundamental right and the perfect race. Sixth Discipline

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