Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recovery week

Cottesloe Beach On Sunday Morning after the swim

TXT SHOTS CAFE where we have breakfast after swimming some days

This is a collection of stories and interesting facts for the week., starting with the fact it is a recovery week in the programme. There is lots on as well with IMNZ on Saturday and races in Rockingham and Albany.

Its also a long weekend so it will be nice to relax and probably swim on Monday at the Cott.

The week started with a sleep in on Monday morning.I only had running and did a short 7km run followed by a 6 km run in the evening. On Tuesday had the hills and riding at Tempo. i rode from the city and met the group briefly at Reabold hill.Climbing that hill does not get easier.Did about 47km and saw a bit of the Exceed Club v Running Centre 20km Time trial comp which was won by the Running centre beating the top Exceed riders by 2 mins.

In the evening had running intervals .I did 8km with 20 x 200m at "R "pace or for me 54 seconds. I was constantly running 42 to 47secs and the next day I was quite sore.

Wednesday , I was quite sore so I skipped my swim session.

Thursday morning , I had a slightly lighter session of 15min bike and 5 min run x 3. i got to City Beach early and started my sessions alone before the guys arrived and did the last 2 cycles with the group. It was a hard session and the legs felt a little tired. In the evening it was the wind trainer session  with 60 minutes .it was rather warm and I was soaked after the session.

Lastly , I came across a short piece in the Sydney morning herald about the Steve Jobs of Yoghurt in the USA. His advise on the five tips for success applies to everything:

Hamdi Ulukaya’s five tips for success

1. Have passion for what you are doing.

2. Be real. Consumers are smart. They can tell, or easily find out, when you are not.

3. Surround yourself with good people, take good care of them and lead by example.

4. Invest in your core. For us that’s production - the heart and soul of what we do.

5. Keep it simple, both your products and your business, and know what you make and how to make it better than anybody.

Read more: Morning herald -The Steve Jobs of Youghurt

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