Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 2 Happy Valentines

It has been a gentle introduction back into training . Last year I was riding the hills and doing a fair number of hours from day 1.

This year with the mental fatigue from last year and my weight it has had to be a slower transition into training.

I survived the week and despite the soreness from the long Ride I am rested and ready for next week with a whole day off . I was going to swim but decided to stay in as the weather was overcast and the legs were a little sore.

All in the week was :

Run: 3 hours or approx 26km
Bike: 5.5 hours or approx 175km
swim : 8.6km or 3 hours
Core/ Yoga  : 1.5 hours
Total: 13 hours

The Plan is to tick the boxes and build on each week with gradual improvements and building on the strengths developed each week. My goal is to be able to drop the weight and learn to be more conscious of my pace and to be consistent in my training.

Monday was a double run of 11 km in the morning at comfy level which for me was 6min km and in the evening a short 5.5 km run at a little harder pace but again I was running just at a pace which was comfortably uncomfortable.

There was no swimming. I did 20 minutes of core work at  home in the evening.

Valentines Day on Tuesday was a heavy day with a morning bike session and an interval run session in the evening.

Whilst life goes on and training plays a not insignificant part in my day to day schedule , it is comforting to know that :

My wife doesn't expect Flowers
My undivided attention
does not nag least about my training or triathlons ANYMORE.

It is the unwritten understanding that comes from knowing without asking . Although familiarity breeds contempt , I am not an insensitive Git and certainly not an insensitive triathlete Git .

That was part of the discussion this morning after swimming. From compression socks to dinner we are normal people with just stranger habits and sometimes stranger gifts for our better half's or like the other half of the population , it is a conspiracy of commercial advertisers to stir up guilty feelings and gift buying.

Why celebrate love once a year . I celebrate it everyday and Iam sticking with that story when I return home empty handed.

But the wifey expects nothing less from the self centred triathlete GIT .

Back to the training , Tuesdays bike session had me riding from the city to Reabold hill , not far just 13-14 km away and I got into hill repeats seated .I did five instead of the four we had to do. Everyone rode from Hillary's and were staring their hill repeats as I was finishing.I rode back via Nedlands and managed to get in just under 50km.

In the evening it was intervals at Athletic stadium. I started my warm up early and then did my interval work out at my "Ï"pace which has dropped to 4.48km/min. Did 14 minutes at I pace and all up just under 10km.

Wednesday morning was swim and a rest in the afternoon. I enjoyed the swim session today .We had a 2000m easy Free , 200m with 50m kick and 50m Free and the main set was 7-8 300m sets at different paces. I was slow and 200m behind the lead swimmer but that was partially as I had to wait as they swam pass but I got a good work out and feel more comfortable in the water. It was not a high volume session and I swam 2.6km.