Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weight Loss

Finish Chute at Singapore 70.3 2011

Tuesday's Ride at Nedlands 1.5 hrs Hard

My scales are not working properly as I cannot get my BMI  but I did weigh myself over the weekend after Saturdays ride and again on Sunday when I was more rested.Iam now 70.5kgs. I can't remember when I was last at this weight.

With eight weeks to Lanzarote I am a little more confident I will get down below 70kgs before the race.

I have got my video for the finish at Singapore 70.3 as well . I probably should have run harder in the race as I was able to sprint down the chute ?

This week is looming as a heavy week . Monday was an easy swim session as I was too tired to get out of bed  in the morning at 5am. I had a good36 hours of rest and time to catch up with the stuff that needed to be done around the house.

I swam in the evening and did an 1.5 hr session swimming 700m before the swim training started in a slow easy pace and just counting my strokes >I as consistently doing 50-52 strokes per 50 metres.I then had the swim proper session with a warm up of 400m and drills for 300m and then the main set of 4 x 100 continuously at medium , firm , fast and medley before  a 30 sec break and doing it 3 times. Cool down was 100 kick and 100 free x 2 .

Tuesday was the hard session.I was up at 4.30 and down at Nedlands for the 5.30am start. I did 5 laps of 10 plus km and the average for the ride including riding easy to Nedlands was 34.5kph.

It was a hard session especially as I forgot my bidon of water. All up I did over 2 hours with 1.5 hrs hard .

In the evening , I went for run training and started running at 5.40 and ran till 7.05 pm.Did about 3.5km slow running and then the main set of 2km at comfortable pace  followed by 1km x 2 at threshold pace (4.54 minutes per km ) . Then a 2km at comfortable pace and 2x 1km at threshold pace and finishing with 1km easy. I did about 12-13 km i think .the legs were OK but it was a long day with 3.5 hours of biking and running in the morning and evening.