Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who Said it isn't fun?

Two video clips of triathletes training in Lanzarote . great shots of the Bike course in Lanzarote.

Today , I did my long ride . A week out from Spore 70.3 and I had to ride 170 km with 4 x 20km at threshold.It was hard trying to get my heart rate up .It was quite cool and had a late start at 6am .Just struggling to get out of bed when I know its going to be a long long ride.

Decided to head out onto Reid Hwy and then down the coast to Fremantle. I got passed by a few groups and  stuck onto a group and led for a short while till just before I lost them at they turn off to Fremantle and I headed towards the bridge and Canning Hwy. At the lights jsut before the bridge over the Swan , Ron who swims in the evening group rocked up .He was with the CRT ride but got dropped and was making his way round the river.I headed by myself and got to Mount Henry Bridge and then onto the Freeway cyclepath .About 10 minutes later I passed the Exceed group who were doing an easy ride down the freeway.

After that I was pretty much on my own . I rode down the Freeway to Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre and then turned around back to the turn off to Roe Hwy cycle path and then all the way to Welshpool road and up to Kalamunda and then Mundaring and home.A total of 166km.
I ran off the bike for just under 30 minutes.The legs were tired but felt comfortable .Had lots of gels and eletrolyte.

Food intake was:
5 gels of 30gms carbohydrates = 150gns
3 scoops gatorade or 3 x 30gms = 90gns carbohydrate
dates and sugared ginger approximately 30-60gms gms.
1 600ml bottle of coke
1 390 ml bottle of coke   approximately 100gms

Total 370 to 400 gms . Just a little less than optimum carbs needed .

It was nice to get that done . I was a touch slower than last week but felt stronger off the bike.