Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Quiet Week

Singapore 70.3 Picture by Melvin Lee

The week post Singapore 70.3 has been a little quiet.I did not do any training on Monday as I flew back to Perth but I was up early on Tuesday morning for the Tuesday ride .Everyone else was already on the course riding a 1.5 hr hard session .i got to Nedlands at 5.45am so I only managed 4 laps. it was a total of 56km with he ride back to the city. I had my race wheels and found the tempo really comfortable till it got to the 3 and 4th lap. The legs still held up despite Sunday's race.

In the evening it was down to Perry lakes for run training.The group was getting larger . Did a warm  up and 12 x 200m sprints at race pace which was 51 seconds but I was running the 200m at about 40seconds.The legs were really hurting after the session even though it was not a long (distance wise ) session.

Had a rest day on Wednesday and  I needed it.Thursday turned out to be a non starter as I just felt very heavy in the legs as well. So I was doing nothing for 2 whole days in a row , a real rarity.

On Friday I did an easy 45 minute run and my swim session inn the evening.But again the legs were feeling heavy and finished up swimming a few minutes earlier. Ross suggested I just call it an early night. I was happy with that as I was just struggling in the water.

I went to bed just after 10 pm with the intention of getting up at 4.30am I was hoping to meet Rod on the way to Fremantle and then the Narrows Bridge to ride with the Exceed group. Unfortunately I missed the meeting point with Rod by 2 minutes and rode by myself to Applecross and then to Mt Henry Bridge where I waited for the group. Jumped onto the back and then rode behind one of the group for the next 40km .They were doing a 90km ride . I had already done 53 km by the time I caught up with the group .It wasn't too bad hanging behind someone but on the return leg , I just couldn't hold on and got dropped.The legs packed it in after 100km and I was also running out of water . I managed to limp back to the city  and the 137km took me 4.5hrs. I rode home making it just under 150km.The legs were definitely cactus .

Training starts to crank up again with longer runs and rides .