Monday, March 14, 2011


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April/May 2011

I was looking at the electronic version of the Lava Magazine recently. Its a beautiful flash magazine with some good articles.

The adverts are just as creative . There is above the advertisement for Fi'zik saddles with Miranda Carfrae 2010 World Ironman Champion looking every inch a Champion. It is clear and simple . One word ....Committed. The sport of Triathlon is moving forward and growing exponentially.There is the marketing , the capital venture group buy outs of iconic brands , the high end technical equipment , the numerous training aids and the exotic races.

But strip it all down and you really have yourself and the time you commit and are committed. It is foremost about that commitment. In the same issue there was a letter from a reader published  by Lava clearly having  real go at the magazine and the kind of elitism or yuppism he saw in the sport and that a glossy well put together magazine with all the latest gizmo's should attract . Brad Culp the editor did defend the magazine pointing out that it was a very broad stereotype . I agree. In all sports there are individuals who do it for all the wrong reasons and then brag about it. I don't really care . Generally most triathletes seem great to hang out with and I am not fast enough to attract the attention of the elites or snobs of the sports .But it isn't unique to Triathlons. We in the sport are a microcosm of the rest of society in many respects. 

If you pursue a goal and are committed for all the right reasons , that is all that counts. What are the right reasons . They vary for each individual . I enjoy the mental and physical test . The sense of running against the clock and always trying to improve is the elixir of life.  Its a complex puzzle of getting all aspects of my training  correct to reach that target.

You don't always do and you always learn something about the whole experience.

Like the old saying ...How do you eat an Elephant .One bite at a time .The more important question is why do you want to eat that Elephant ?