Saturday, March 5, 2011

The push to Spore 70.3

This week has started with my push to fundraise for EDAC and the 3 week countdown to Singapore 70.3 a good test run midway to Lanzarote.

Cottesloe beach after Sundays swim on 27 Feb 11

I did a solid run on Sunday with a 1.5 hr run (had a break between as I had to get JJ home from the park) It was hot but managed to do the 2 x 10 minute threshold runs and held it at 5.12 per km pace.I ran about 15 km in 1.25. (after Sunday mornings swim with the stingers)

On Monday it was swim training .Did an easy 2.5 km and I was glad it wasn't a hard session.Lots of 200 and 100m sets.

Tuesday was the usual hard ride at Nedlands I had an hour on and the ride there and back . I managed to keep up with Jeremy but it was just barely.Everyone else was struggling as well. It was a hard session. I did an average of 36kph. I did a 50km session with the ride from the city.

In the evening did Brads run training and again it was a hard session with intervals at I pace which for me is currently 4.36minutes per km.I did a 1, 2, 3, 4,3,2,1 minute at I pace with recovery in between.The legs were jelly like after the session.

My time splits for the i-pace sections were faster .

On Wednesday I slept in and just did a 30 minute run followed by the swim session in the evening with Cara.
We had an easy 400m warm up and then a 800m set 300m and 200m set with a 200m easy session in between. i then did a 200 cool down a 2.3 km total with the sets a race pace.i managed the 800m in just over 15 minutes my fastest currently.Despite a number of faster swimmers in the lane and I am still at the back of the group , my swimming has improved .

Thursday was another long session with a brick session at Mosman.I rode from home and got to nedlandsN,where everyone then rode to Mosman. Once we turn off from Stirling Hwy , the race begins with the first run at an oval and then we ride to the golf course and run one of the fairways and then to the last run which is at the base of a hill and we run up the hill and back again , and then ride up the hill to the finish where we gets the heart pumping in the morning.We ride back to Zekka at Queen street in the city for coffee.I ride home in the evening making that a 3 hour session.

Friday .I did my swim training in the morning and again it was not too bad a session.I managed to keep up and we did a  50 m fast , 50m recovery and 100m fast x 3 and followed by a 50m fast 100 recovery and 50m fast  x 3 . and the usual drills and warm up with a 200m kick and free x2 for cool down.A total of 2.5km.
I did my easy run at lunch time and ran to Subiaco and then round kings Park and back to the city.It was hot but I wasn't running fast.

Saturday is always a hard day at the office.A 150km ride .I made an effort to get up before 5am and I was out in the dark at about 5.10am .I rode to Fremantle and the Mt Henry bridge ebfore getting on the cycle path along Roe Hwy and up Welshpool Road.Then on to Kalamunda and Mundaring.I got passed by cyclist climbing Whelspool Road and again I had to have a coke at the BP station on Whelshpool Road. The downhill sections on Mundaring weir Road were great but the climbs out of the valleys were really a slog.I found myself passed by 2 cyclist just before the Dam and I managed to stay with them for a few minutes.
They stopped at the Dam for a break and I went on to Mundaring where I had a slushy at Dome cafe .It was then home via Helena valley and Guildford.