Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sculptures by the Sea

Sunday is my rest day and for the first time in a while I have had a sleep in rather than getting my weary body out of bed and to Cottesloe for a 7am swim which is late anyway by comparison to the other training mornings. I still get up early by habit but I was dead tired and was fast asleep by 10.30 pm.It  is true that most triathletes sleep earlier than most kids. Hence some would consider us quite boring.I am by nature a night owl but the long training session does make staying up till midnight a little more taxing.

Today , the whole family went to Cottesloe for breakfast and to look at the Sculptures by the Sea Exhibition. A wonderful tradition even though the beach gets quite crowded. it is days like today at cottesloe that make for the perfect day .

Jonathan at Breakfast at the Cott

Sculptures by the sea ,Cottesloe 2011

A crowded beach ,Cottesloe

At Cottesloe Beach Sunday 6 March

Jonathan after a swim 

I rested for most of the day before doing my run as I wasn't able to run on Monday .It was a 1.30 run with 2 threshold efforts of 10 minutes each.legs were weary after yesterdays ride but they held up. Felt good and managed to keep the pace fairly constant. did about 16km to make it 20km in the 2 days with the 150km ride.

Hope the body holds up for the 2nd hard week.