Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stepping Up

This is week 2 of a 3 week cycle before Singapore 70.3. Iam plugging away with the fundraising and need to spend a bit of time getting the message out.

This week is an easy week for the rest of the crew before the push to Busselton Half but its bery much business as usual for me .It is a particularly hard week with a long ride on Saturday and more hours.

Monday was a defacto rest day as i did my run on Sunday and did not swim. But Tuesday was a long day in the office.I got to the city at 5am and rode out to Nedlands and thendid 2 laps before meeting the group and riding round the river through Mosman and round to FGremantle and then onto Canning Hwy and round applecross and back to the city . I did not join the group for breakfast opting to ride round Kings Park and finishing with a 2.5 hr ride. Did about 66.7km

In the evening I was going to ride to run training but finished late so I had to drive there and di my run session . Brad was not abale to make it as he was on Night shift so we trained on our own. I had a warmup and cooldown with 10 x 400m at Ï"pace of 1.50min per 400m .It was a good session and managed to keep at that pace comfortably.

ON  Wednesday it was back to the pool and a good swim workout.The water was nice although it is now not as bright at a quater to six in the morning.I did a 500 m warm up and the main set was a 7 x 300 firm pace with 20secs rest after each swim.It was a reasonable sssion and did a 200m cooldown .a total of 2.8km

In the evening I ran for 45 minutes at a slow easy pace. I was actually required to do a 1.45 run but with Brads run training yesterday I have done the same volume.

I still feel pretty good and the running is slowly improving as seen by my run pace on my longer runs.
The only worry is getting sick and dropping weight.

The trainning is stepping up and Iam concious of all the pitfalls of doing too much although my preparation for Spore 70.3 is definitely not the way to step up to such a race but as discussed with Ross its not my A race and its a good training experience.