Sunday, April 3, 2011

The final Assault ...With or Without You

The week has rolled by quickly with a long Saturday ride of 200km to finish it.

I struggled but managed to get up on Thursday and rode out at 5 am .Did the Brick session at Mosman despite the jelly legs after running on Tuesday and Wednesday. Rode home in the evening and ended up doing a few kms of running and about 68km of biking. ( total of 3 hours )

Friday was a swim session only and Had a 1000m warm up with drills and then 7 x 200m with the last 75m fast. Ended with a 100m cool down .It was a low swim week as I missed Wednesday's session.

I did watch the last Aquathon on Friday evening but did not take part as I just needed to save the legs for Saturday.

Unfortunately on Saturday I was going to meet up with Rod but he sent thru a message that he might not be riding as he rolled his ankle running on Friday evening.

I had about 6 hours of sleep and then got up at 4.15am and left the house just after 4.30 am . There was no Rod or Rob at the designated meeting spots on the way so I rode on to Fremantle and then Applecross and Mount Henry Bridge where I waited for the Exceed riders . Had a chance to fill up the bidons and off we went. I stayed with the front group and managed to hang on for 50kms . (which for the rest of the riders was 55km) as I joined them at Mount Henry Bridge. After the turn around the wind was a lot harder and a headwind at times but again I managed to cling on.I did lose the group but clawed my way back.About 14 km from the end I dropped my repair kit/ canister and the group were gone in a flash.I limped home to see everyone about to set of for the run.I then headed back through Subiaco , stopping off at Tony's place to get some more water.I had by then done 160km and whilst the legs were still fine , they were tired. I had no issues with cramps so the salt regime was working. I had taken about 2000mg for the ride.

I had a chat and some water before moving on back through Perry Lakes and ended up on Hale Road and home thru West Coast Hwy and Reid Hwy. Not quite 200km just 191 km .The speed dropped down markedly but I still managed a respectable average speed for the 191 km ride

 It was then a 24 minute run off the bike . That was the longest session in a few months.

Overall the week was a good start. getting accustomed to the higher volume of workouts .
Ross's message for the April program:


You really do amaze. Losing weight, wow a lean John Cooke on Lanzarote, it will be interesting. Big weeks coming. I have really back you off for the easy week but I think it works for you. Then a big one and into the taper.

Just keep ticking the boxes and see where it takes you. Enjoy the long rides and see what the others are up to and join them for some of it.
Ross Pedlow

Only one thing was that I couldn't find the easy week in the program.

Week 14

Bike:  330km or 11.5 hours approx
Run:  40km or 4.20 hrs
swim: 5.5 km or 2.5 hrs
Total 18 hours