Friday, March 11, 2011

Pushing On

Every Thursday I ride to work and its one of my earlier starts.  I am out of the door by 5am and I ride down to the city and we meet up today at the Narrows and ride down to Shelley where everyone rides at threshold and then back through Curtin University and there is another threshold effort to Canning Hwy and another one on Riverside Drive.It is back to Zekka in King Street for coffee.

Lajos made the comment if I could ride at 40plus kph at threshold I should be doing a 4.40 bike split for the Ironman but the truth is sitting behind a fast cyclist is a lot easier and my Heart Rate was probably comfortably at threshold.I only had to work to catch up to them.

I rode home after work making it a 66km round trip.Not as long as last week and just under 2.5 hours.

Friday was an easier day I ran in the evening for 50 minutes and then did my swim session just 2.3km and it was a relatively easy set .800m warm up with drills and the main set  12 x 100m of 100 fast, 100cruise, 100 fast , 100 cruise with walk and dolphin , 100 fast , 100 with backstroke and breast , 100 fast and 100 medley repeated . Cool down was 100m and 50 kick x 2 .

Tomorrow is the long ride ...170km .My longest for the year and it will be interesting to see how I pull up.