Thursday, March 17, 2011

Packing Up

The week has been pretty relaxing . After Saturdays Long ride I had a good long  break from training a whole 24 hours and did my run on Sunday evening. I ran for 1.30hr  with 2 x 10 minutes at threshold . The legs were tired but it was not a strain. Managed  15.50 km  .

On Monday I got to sleep in and did nothing in the morning with a swim in the evening. I swam for half an hour by myself and the other half with the squad.

On Tuesday it was the usual hard session with an hour hard on the bike at Nedlands .I rode with Tenike , jay , and Rod.After the first lap Jay dropped us and I then rode for the 2nd lap on my own before Tenike and Rod caught up with me for the third lap.I had my race wheels on and I felt really good. I averaged 36.8kph for the hour.

In the evening I decided to run in Kings Park and did my interval session with a warm up and then 5 x 800m at I pace of 4.36 minutes per km. I ended up running over 13.5km in 1.15 hr.

I was going to swim on Wednesday but I was just really tired in the morning and I couldn't make the evening session so Wednesday turned out to be a bit of a rest day. I did not ride on Thursday as well as i had a flat tire and instead I ran at lunchtime .An easy 50 minute run totally just over 8km.

Feeling a lot more rested and should be ready for the half on Sunday.The really stressful part is getting my bike into my bike box and all my gear ready.this is turning out to be one of my quickest visits ever. But Iam  looking forward to the race on Sunday and meeting up with everyone in Singapore.