Friday, April 6, 2012

Back in the Groove...Just

                      Relax ...One of the best 80's songs  and what a message

                      The abrupt end to the ride when I crashed speed 38kph

                                                             First long Run Back

As my shoulder begins to settle , I have started to return to training . I have put up my ride on  Saturday 17 March 2012 when I came off my bike .I even had my speed and HR just before the crash . I did a run on  2 April 2012 and managed a comfortable 5.25 pace without too much trouble but I have had a lot of rest . Swimming is the next challenge with a sore left shoulder and back.

I did do the brick session on Thursday last week and that went off without a hitch. It has been painfully slow. This week I did my run sessions and a ergo and brick session and one swim session. The shoulder is sore and I have little grip or arm strength so I am swimming a little lop sided strength wise. Hopefully that gets a little better .

Yesterday with the rainy conditions I turned around on my way to the brick was pelting down and I was just too fearful of coming down again.As it turned out the session was cancelled.I made the ergo session in the evening which was a good 90 minutes for me ,I did 10 minutes of warm up. Today I did my brick session with the bike on a wind trainer.

The scar is healing well and sleep is a lot more comfortable.

I do feel like Harry Potter of the Tri world with the scraggy scar .