Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

Getting up to win Gold Victoria Pendleton
Enjoying the Cycling championships on TV
pic from telegraph UK

                                        My run off the bike on Saturday

So in Ironman, as in life, when the times get tough, remember never to turn your back on it, because you’re better off being in the game than not playing at all!
Jason Shortis
I just read Jason's race report for Ironman Melbourne. A phenomenal pro who was doing his 61st  Ironman and as he summed up ,  like life things go wrong but it is better to have set out to achieve than to sit on the side lines.
This week has rolled by with the mental dramas of getting back on the bike and just getting over the pain . But it is slowly happening. .Not quick enough and remaining positive is one thing but achieving my goals of improving at Busselton will take some doing. I know I am lucky to be at the start line after the tumble I took. Hence I don't take much for granted .It could have all ended far worse and for that I am thankful.
My first long ride was a little slow especially as I started out at 5.15am and it was pretty dark .My bike lights were rather small and I had to spend the first 1 hour not going too hard. I then started my 4 efforts of 10minutes. I found that hard with little improvement in speed and the ride down was generally slow. I had one puncture at the end as I hit a rock on the bike path. I took a bit of time to change the tyre with my weak arm and used up 2 canisters . I got to the end in just over 1.30hr. , a slow ride for me.  I did managed to pick up the pace on return probably with more favourable winds as well. But 20km from the end , i had another puncture and fortunately Churchill cycle riders stopped and  gave me a hand changing my tube . I am ordering a hand pump as the canisters are not sufficient .
i got back to the start point at Deepwater  having done 91 kms and managed to get into the run with a short transition. it was 2 laps around the bridges or 14 km . I set off feeling comfortable and after the first lap I was still feeling OK .I had one gel and some Gatorade and then back round the river. I managed a 5.23 pace which was
as fast as my Monday run without the bike ride . I felt i had gone far too slow on the bike but it may have just been the caution in the beginning. I will need to make adjustments with my nutrition and will start writing up my nutrition plan.
The soreness in the arm has its moments and swimming is the most difficult  aspect but I will get through the swim just not in a good time.
Today I did my swim and managed to use the paddles and Pull Buoy . I swam 2.4km and decided to stop. In the evening I had my first session of Yoga after 3 weeks .It was again a good session and help stretch the very stiff muscles.
The week was a slow start for training but I have managed most of the sessions .