Sunday, April 29, 2012

Are We Born To Run

A great short video about endurance running and man's ability.
It is an interesting view especially about our evolution as hunters and the fact that looking at times , women are not too far off the men's times as we get to the endurance end of racing.Hence Chrissie Wellington's times isn't an aberration .He talked about the tribe Born to Run was based on , these guys are running 100miles even as 60-70 year olds.

He talks about 3 mysteries in evolution:
  1. For 2 million years how did man survive when weapons to hunt only appear 200,000 years ago
  2. Women are terribly slow in sprint events but in the marathon or greater , women are competitive.Why do women get stronger the longer the race. 
  3. 60 year plus men and women are performing at the same level   when they are 19.