Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Somethings In Life Money ....

In keeping with the need to record all the statistics in training.I have recorded the cost of my recent mishap:

My Cost of a bike fall:

Bike service $120.00
New helmet $79.00
Medication $ 57.00
New spectacles $230.00
Cycle knicks $100.00

Three days in Hospital, no meals for 2 days , being on a saline drip for 2 days , gravel rash , a scar , wrath of family ,
(although they were glad I was alive) , little sleep for 10 days (painful shoulder) ,10 days with no training, and several visits to doctors and radiology .The Experience : Priceless

There are somethings in life money can't buy.

For Everything Else there is MASTERCARD