Saturday, April 21, 2012

Week 11

Deepwater Point Before dawn

Stadium Tri Club Bikes and Aid station during their Run

Running 8 x 2km off the bike
My first 2km lap
Relaxing with the crew after the Brick session. Thanks to Dennis Tan who had his camera and kindly took all the pictures above.

RIP GREG HAM ... MEN AT WORK Was part of my 80s

A training week 11 . It didn't quite go to plan . I have had to juggle my sessions around and they have not been ideal.I have also had very little swim time  actually none this week.

I have done the core work outs and whilst slow , I am hopeful for a decent time at the half.

On Monday I did an easy slow run after the Sunday Coogee Triathlon. I ran just under 11km.

On Tuesday I slept in and just did the run session.It was 2.5km warm up and builds and then 6-8  1km runs at threshold which was 5min pace. I did 7 km and we had 100m recovery between runs.Did just over 10.5km

On Wednesday  I  had no swim  and had meetings till late so it was my rest day.

On Thursday I slept in and just did the wind trainer session. There was just 5 of us and It was a hard grinding session of 3 x 20 min at tempo pace. Ended up doing about 34 km and felt pretty wasted. On Friday , I was again making up a session which I missed on Thursday morning. It was a wind trainer session as I was not cycling on the roads with the heavy traffic. I did 3 x  15 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes run.The runs were not as hard as i hoped but the legs were tired after the 2 wind trainer sessions.

Saturday was a long brick session at Deepwater Point near Mt Henry Bridge. I got there early and left before the main group started. We had a 80km ride and 16km run. I did just over 86km but it was slow with the initial roadworks and traffic lights .
The return leg was a little better but again not as fast as I have been . The main Training group passed me about 10km from the end and Exceed riders also steam rolled passed me . I did not even try and keep up .

The legs felt a little tired at the 50km mark but otherwise i had no major issues. I then started the run with 8 x 2km hard .I maintained a sub threshold pace for the first 3 laps and then threshold pace and the last 3 were just above threshold pace. I had a static recovery of 30sec although the instructions were 1 minute recovery . Oops , should have read the instructions .

It was quite crowded on the freeway cycle path with everyone out for a long ride before the Half. had lots of hallos from people I knew and obviously with the run we shared the path with Stadium who happen to be doing a 16 km run as well. Even courtney ogden was down at Deepwater Point.