Friday, April 13, 2012

Passing thoughts

After Mondays run I slept in on Tuesday morning although I did feel guilty. But I was just tired.

It was run training on Tuesday evening and i felt a lot better with a good solid session of about 10km with some I pace work which for me was 4.36.i ran with Cindy so there was company and that kept it consistent.

On Wednesday I had my swim and i rode to work and back going hard going home and doing a few short climbs .it was about 35 km so not a long ride. The swim was hard as there was a higher concentration of chlorine and i could not stop coughing.

As the week has rolled by I have had a number of distractions and have lacked some focus although it is a heavy week of training and I will be racing on the weekend .Oddly my first race for the year .

Uppermost is the interesting radio interview i heard on the ABC about marine biologist Richard Fitzpatrick on Sharks. Conversations with Richard Fiddler -interview with Richard Fitzpatrick

In Perth , they are in the news a lot and especially after 4 fatal attacks in 7 months.

However , the dangers in the water are not probably the most significant risk for triathletes , the conditions on the road and the constant need to ride defensively is absolutely critical.I am aware more so after my crash as to not becoming complacent and being a little more cautious. In the morning there were a few cars coming a little too close for comfort. Fortunately , i am not cycling on busy roads too often. i have been spending more time on the wind trainer .

The thursday night session of 90 minutes on the wind trainer was hard and I was just glad to finish. I dashed home after work and got caught in the traffic after an unfortunate road accident earlier in the day when a police car chasing a stolen vehicle collided with another vehicle killing the driver. The Police were still at the intersection several hours later and the traffic was backing up.

I rode through the same intersection a day earlier.