Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday Ride

The Sixth Discipline Training Squad with Coach Brad Hosking , Deepwater Point 28 April 2012( I am not in the pic as I had gone off for breakfast with Exceed tri club group)

My last longish ride before the Half. I left before the main group as I wanted to ride on my own. It was at least pretty light and I caught up with lee-Anne after about 10kms . It was messy with road works and diversions for the first 12km and then clear cycle path . I managed a comfortable pace and did not go to hard , keeping it at tempo pace just below threshold.

On the way back I struggled a little but got passed by 2 cyclist and managed to stay within sight of them till I got dropped at the last 15km . Unfortunately as I followed two slower riders at the end  , and there were workman painting the underside of the bridge , I  passed them slowly following the 2 cyclist but the workman had left a cone in the middle of the cycle path and I only saw it at the last minute as the 2 front cyclist passed it.I bounced off it and fortunately I was travelling really slow and came down .No cuts but hurt my left hamstring and my poor left shoulder. Falling on my left means my left side is now a punching bag for bruises. Fortunately no serious damage but I am slowing down the healing process. It slowed down the ride from that point as I was not willing to take any more falls.

Saw the group as I was returning. It was a good day to be out bar the cone incident .The weather was great. I have had the most disruptions , major crash and injuries for this preparation..In addition , the organisers have changed the swim course given the shark sightings in Busselton .lots of chatter  on forum pages and does add to the excitement leading up to the race. Only thing to do is enjoy the race and build for the future.