Friday, April 27, 2012

Final WEEK

The Aircraft Carrier Carl Vinson off the Coast as seen from Cottesloe

This past 3 months I have done the least amount of training before a race compared to the past 4 years . In particular my swimming as i have only swum once a week with my sore shoulder and neck.

The training has dropped down markedly .I did do a rather long run on Monday - 21km , most of it in the dark around Nedlands and the foreshore on the Swan river. No fun and cold. It was at about 6 min pace so was slow. On Tuesday We did a recovery ride around the Northern suburbs and that was just high cadence and keeping the heart rate in check.We did 30 plus km. In the evening I had my run intervals and again the training was easing up although I did just over 9km of running.It was a 3km warm up and then 800m at 4.26 min/km pace followed by the same time for recovery and then 400 at maximum sustainable pace with the same recovery time.we did 3 of these. Cindy and I were really pushing the 400m and i felt pretty sick .

On Wednesday ,with the ANZAC Day Holiday I headed down to Cottesloe and saw a group of North coasters riding to Fremantle and Ross and Exceed were swimming at the Cott as well. i did a 1.5km swim .It was a good swim , although the shoulder hurt I managed to get through and had a fast swim back from the Blue Duck cafe turn around point. Lots of swimmers about and there was even a smallish seal around although I didn't see him on Wednesday.

We went off for coffee and muffins at Daisies and thatwas a good easy work out.The rest of the day was just spent relaxing and watching the Dawn service at Gallipolli.

On Thursday I skipped my morning training and went to the evening Ergo session but the incorrect skewer made it difficult to fit the bike on the wind trainer and it kept coming loose. That put an end to the session for me.

Friday , i did a wind trainer session with 15 minutes on the bike and 5 minutes running for an hour. Make up session from Thursday morning. tomorrow everyone will be out for the last longish ride before Busselton.

Overall it has been quite a relaxing preparation .