Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Days to the Big Dance

With Enrico Varella ,Ironman number 11

At race registration

Race briefing 19 May 2011

The Lardman

The nerves are setting in..This morning I swam with Enrico for 20 minutes.The water was again great but a bit cold.. I swam without my wet suit and felt good .i managed to keep up with a few wetsuit swimmers and drafted behind another swimmer who was swimming without a wetsuit, till she realized I was behind and slowed down .

We then hired a car and drove to La Santa a 30-40 minute drive on the other side of the island for Enrico to register and attend the race briefing. I managed to find a valve extender and have now got a spare tire safely attached to my back bidon holder .Hopefully I don't get a puncture.

The race briefing was pretty short and there was only a brief mention of drafting. It is odd it is 10 meters here .

Aside from travelling across the island I did nothing else. I did do a short run with Enrico along the run course . Felt comfortable although a little lethargic.Tomorrow I  have final preparations and just final checks. the town is full of triathlete's running ,swimming and biking . The tension is rising. The training culminates with one day of effort. The biggest worry is nutrition and technical breakdowns. I have sorted out my nutrition and hopefully I can get all the nutrition I have on the bike down .I will need the energy on this ride.

Met the Lardman by chance at dinner at the hotel I was staying. He has won 2 lottery slots consecutively . How lucky do you have to be to win it once , let alone twice. There is still hope for me.We all need a bit of luck even in such a race.