Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photo Shoot


Photos taken by Lajos Varga fromVargamurphy

I had a set of pictures taken last Saturday by Lajos Varga. We all train in the Exceed group. Most of the group took the opportunity to get pictures done. I told my wife it was a couples photo shoot , my bike and  I ...she wasn't impressed at my infantile humour ....be it a very telling line. I estimate I spend as much time with my bike . I do kid . My son Jonathan who tagged along found the studio in his words "sketchy" which in his speak means not quite sure about the place or looks a little scary. He did report back to my wife there are at least 2 adult shops whilst he was walking with me to the studio .

I cleaned my bike on the weekend and it looks much better after the heavy workout it has had in the past few months. Its in the bike shop getting the final check up before Lanzarote.