Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Bike Course... Ironman Lanzarote

Driving the course

First 45km of the bike course

Gaye and kate at the start of the course

I had a nice long sleep in but did get up at 3am as some of the guest wandered in from partying all night. There is a mix of tourist and triathletes staying at the many hotels at Carmen del Puerto.

As gaye was mentioned there are lots of British Tourist with really sun burnt skin from sunbaking the whole day wandering the main strip of the town.It is a mish mash of shops selling kitsch and restaurants and lots of pubs.

The main strip is also the start of the bike and run course. The tents and fencing has started to come up. I went for another swim in the morning .A short 20-30 minute swim with Kate and Gaye.

Then met up again with Kate B who drove us around the bike course. It is a spectacular bike course. Lots of lunar type landscapes and coastal roads with many small towns along the course.

Then there are the climbs and wind. There are a few climbs but nothing too steep. Yet the wind can and will probably be a factor . My biggest concern is that I do not have a spare tire and although I bought a new tire not expecting I will have a puncture on my first ride with my new tire. I now need to get an extender for the tire as the extenders I have don't fit.

Hopefully I can sort this out . We went to Club La Santa ,the HQ for the organisers and on the opposite side of the island from where we are staying .Got my registration pack and went to the expo and had the Ironman pizza for lunch. Couldn't  eat the whole thing.

Enrico arrived today as well and we all went down to a restaurant . Looking forward to racing on Saturday but hopefully I don't have any punctures.

Swimming again today.

camel rides on the bike course

Expo at Club La Santa

coming down one of the switchbacks..brakes better be working

At the top of one of the climbs on the course