Sunday, May 8, 2011

Busselton 70.3

At the start line Busselton 70.3 2011

It is now 2 weeks before Lanzarote and I have started to taper. It unfortunately went a  little flat . I had a good work out on Monday 1 may with a run and a swim session. Again holding my own in lane one. On Tuesday everyone had a ride round the river but Rod , Rob and myself rode the Nedland circuit and I stayed with Rod for the hour .It was hard and I did not have the strength to take a turn in front but I wasn't exactly struggling more trying to conserve my strength in case there was a surge .it did not come and Rod did slow a slight bit on lap two. It was a good hard workout for me. In the evening it was run training and I had to do 1.15 of laps.I managed about 12.5km although i did not have my Garmin. I was coughing a bit and it was quite cooling the morning and evening.I started to cough that night and was sick for the next 4 days.

I decided not to do anything and largely just had to let the cold take its course. I did go down to Busselton to watch the race. I decided to do my 120km ride in the morning and set off at 5.30am .It was very cold and dark. Not a great plan. The temperature was 7C in Busselton. I was trying out my zipp wheels and my bike after the bike had been serviced. Unfortunately about 10km into the ride , my back wheel went flat , there was no sign of a puncture so I used a gas cylinder to inflate it. I then discovered that the extender valve wasn't firmly attached to the tire valve. the Presta valves were a real problem .it was freezing cold and I had to change a tubular for the first time. I managed to get the wheel off and inflate my spare wheel with a good extension valve on it. I rode back having used my 2 valves and not having a glued Zipp wheel on. I decide to not to do the rest of the ride. It was cold and whilst I felt comfortable I was still coughing  with the cold air. I got back and headed to the start line for the Busselton 70.3.
Got some good pictures and watched the race . it was hard watching and I would have preferred to be racng the weather was cold but otherwise good. There was wind on the bike course but there always is.

A lot of guys had good solid PBs and I would liked to have had a go to see if i would have been able to break the magic 5 hour mark. But with my cold and Lanzarote 2 weeks away , it was time to start resting. I saw Kate Bevalaqua and I assumed she was racing but did not see her name . I had a brief chat with her and hope I will be able to catch up with her in Lanzarote.

All the work is done and the focus is getting well and to Lanzarote ready to race. The experience at Busselton was great but it is always lots more fun to race then to watch. Whilst time , records and PBs are important , the sting of results or the lack of them soothes with time and the afterglow of memories of the emotion leave a more long lasting impression.

It is difficult explaining to someone what it feels like crossing the finish line of an endurance race like an Ironman.It is the totality of my training this past 5 months. For some this weekend it was no less the outcome of hardwork but just more clinical , for others coming through 6 hours later it is no less an achievement .

It is difficult separating the true winners . Those who have talent and win or those who have had to overcome every obstacle to just get to the line. At Busselton there were the professionals and the extraordinary  such as a blind triathlete Jeremy MCCLURE who did  the Half on Saturday in a time of 5.03. then there are the many between the two. I also have a new profound respect for the supporters .I could not stand and watch a race for 6 hours.